Every patient has unique circumstances, and the type and number of operations you require to replace your lost teeth will determine how long your dental implant surgery takes. Dental implants in Concord are long-lasting tooth replacements that, with proper care, can last the rest of your life. Let’s explore dental implants to better prepare yourself before scheduling a consultation at your neighborhood dental office.

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Dental Implants: Process, Qualification, and Recovery

The Implant Method

The procedure starts as soon as your dentist is confident that you are prepared to get your implant. Your dentist will need around an hour for each implant. Four to six months will pass before your next appointment. After which, your implant’s readiness to accept the abutment and crown that complete the procedure will now be determined by the dentist.   

Before being prepared to accept the tooth, the abutment must be positioned for a few weeks to settle. Your dentist will request your crown from the laboratory while you wait. It will be designed specifically to match the rest of your teeth.   

Bone Graft Technique

The implant is placed into the jaw at your initial appointment by the dentist. It won’t be ready to accept the crown for a while. To secure the post firmly, the jawbone must develop around it as it heals. This obviously will take more than a few weeks to complete. An implant typically takes six to eight months to stabilize, but it could take even longer, especially if you need a bone graft.  

Patients who lost a tooth or teeth and experienced underlying bone loss may first require a bone graft to support the dental implant. This technique is necessary, especially when a tooth has been missing for a long time. Without bone grafting, these patients risk losing bone density in their upper or lower jaw because they lack dental roots to stimulate the jaw bone.  

It is possible to perform the grafting in the same session as the implant placement if you only need a simple bone graft. On the other hand, your dentist will perform the bone graft as a separate operation if you require a significant or complex graft. Before your dental implants are installed, you will need to wait three to six months for your jaw to produce new bone tissue.  

Are Dental Implants Something You Qualify For?

Before deciding on any surgical operation, including dental implant surgery, it is advisable to be aware of all the dangers and possible side effects of all the medications you are currently taking. It would help if you were particularly cautious about drugs that can affect the anesthetic used during dental implant surgery 

Any future changes in the size or shape of the jaw could be detrimental to implant success since dental implants need a stable base. Due to this concern, many dentists frequently refuse to insert implants in patients younger than 18. Dentists, however, may make exceptions case-by-case after assessing the jaw’s degree of growth.

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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Dental Implant Treatment in Concord?

Most actions require surgery. Therefore, you will need to consider recovery time in your plans. After each treatment, the initial bleeding and swelling should subside in seven to ten days, but it will take a few months for your gums and soft tissue to fully recover. You should only consume soft meals during this period and practice strict oral hygiene to keep the surgery site sterile and free of infection.  

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