Integrative Dentistry

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The connection between oral and overall physical health is becoming increasingly clear with extensive research in the area of oral diseases. Let us design you a personal plan at your next dental appointment to prevent your oral health from degrading.

Regular Dental Cleanings

We are especially sensitive to the overall physical health concerns that individuals should have about their oral health. Every dental cleaning you have is crucial to maintaining the personal plan we have designed for you. Regular cleaning appointments allow us to examine your oral health extensively and to make important changes to the way you treat your mouth.  

Risk of Cavities

Most individuals are familiar with one aspect of what causes a cavity: bacteria from food. However, your overall lifestyle, health, and even genetics help determine how susceptible you are to getting cavities. Part of our oral examinations is assisting you in figuring out how best to avoid getting cavities in the first place.

Oral Cancer Exams

Each appointment includes designated time for our dentist and dental hygienists to carefully examine the tissue of your mouth for signs of oral cancer or other ailments. From there, recommendations and treatments can be made if your oral tissue is found to have signs of these issues. Our network of health specialists can assist in finding the right treatment options for your condition.  Come into our office to learn more about our oral examinations and possible treatment options.

Dental Work Restorations

Concord Advanced Dentistry can safely remove toxic amalgam fillings that affect your overall body health. Amalgam fillings contain a known toxin, mercury, and that slowly releases it into your body as it degrades. We offer safe alternatives with our dental materials that are free of harmful toxins. Some individuals may be especially sensitive to our restorative treatments. We offer sensitivity testing in our office to identify whether a patient is a proper candidate for this procedure.  Schedule an appointment to see if you could benefit from our restorations.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Growing research shows a clear relationship between poor gum health and serious systemic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Gum disease has many contributing causes and can stem from a variety of factors such as plaque, negative health habits like smoking, family history, and microbes in the mouth. It’s difficult to notice the slow deterioration of your gum health. This makes it especially imperative to allow our dental team to perform examinations of your overall periodontal health. Our patients’ needs are carefully considered before treatments are made, and the specific procedure taken depends on the severity of the patient’s gum health and their particular needs.  Our dental professionals can examine your gums at your next scheduled appointment.

Sleep Apnea Screening

Obstructive sleep apnea, like other potentially serious sleep disorders, can lead to major health concerns if not treated properly. Our office takes special care to screen patients for sleep disorders that could be affecting their overall health. Various signs of your health history along with the use of our sleep monitor will indicate how to treat your specific needs.  Visit our Concord office if you feel that you are being affected by OSA and we can assess you

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