Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are more translucent than composite dental veneers and have the added benefit of looking more like natural teeth when reflecting light. They fit you exactly and are shaded to your natural teeth. This treatment results in a natural look for your tooth and can solve a multitude of dental issues such as cracked teeth or gaps, chipped teeth, discoloration/stains, misaligned front teeth, and misshapen teeth. Other treatments can be effective, but porcelain veneers are quick and produce great results for patients.  

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Always trying to hide your smile because you’re worried people will see your stained, discolored teeth? It’s possible to achieve a whiter, brighter smile with in-office Zoom! teeth whitening offered by our dentist. Zoom! offers professional-grade bleaching agents, which means it’s able to remove tough stains. It only takes an hour to see significant results, and this cosmetic procedure provides long-lasting protect against future stains, too. This cosmetic dentistry procedure begins by our dentist coating your teeth with whitening gel, which is then activated using a special light that works to help oxygen enter your enamel and dentin, bleaching away discoloration and stains. It usually only takes about an hour, there’s no downtime, and you’ll instantly get a brighter, whiter smile.


For those looking for a straighter smile, our dental office offers OrthoFX. Braces used to be the only available option for straightening your teeth, but emerging technology offers a variety of more convenient options for patients today. OrthoFX is one of the best forms of clear aligner technology available that straightens teeth without the need of unsightly metal braces. Treatment works by starting out with our dentist, who will let you know if OrthoFX is right for you and come up with a custom treatment plan for your needs. Treatment times are usually faster than with other types of clear aligners, and it’s more affordable and convenient than other teeth-straightening options as well.

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