If you’ve decided to get a dental crown in Concord to repair a fractured or damaged tooth, root canal therapy, or have dental implant surgery, selecting the proper crown type and material is crucial. If you’re thinking about obtaining a dental crown to improve the appearance of your smile, the correct material is even more vital. 

dental crowns Concord

Types and Materials Used in Dental Crowns 


This dental option comes in various sizes and shapes. The proper type is determined by a number of elements, including the dental crown’s strength, durability, and aesthetics.  

Same-day dental crowns are a quick and long-lasting tooth restoration option.  

Instead of taking traditional dental impressions with polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) or alginate putty, your dentist will use a 3D digital imaging technology to scan your mouth. This implies that same-day dental crowns can be produced and attached in place in only one visit, providing immediate results. 

An onlay is a sort of partial dental crown that covers only the biting surface of the tooth. It is commonly used to restore teeth that have cavities that are too large for traditional fillings but not enough damage to warrant a full dental crown. Onlays require more tooth preparation, allowing you to save as much of the tooth’s structure as feasible. They are made of porcelain and are permanent. 

Traditional dental crowns are made of a variety of materials. For decades, they’ve been the go-to type of dental crown. They are usually placed in two visits to the dentist

Before temporary tooth crowns are installed, your dentist takes X-rays and does preparatory work at the initial session. The permanent crowns take around two weeks to make and are fitted during the follow-up appointment. 

These are only meant to be worn for a brief time. Temporary dental crowns are custom-fit caps for your injured tooth that are utilized as a momentary remedy after a root canal or dental implant operation. These are what you wear while waiting for your permanent teeth crowns to be made. Stainless steel or acrylic-based plastic materials are commonly used for temporary crowns. 


Depending on the extent of the tooth damage and placement in your mouth, dental crowns are designed and created from a variety of materials. The choice of material your dentist employs to make your dental crowns can determine how long they last and how well they blend in with your smile. The following are some of the most prevalent dental crown materials: 

Gold dental crowns are made of gold alloy, which is a very strong and long-lasting substance. They are frequently attached on the back of the dental arch’s premolars and molars because they can survive the severe bite force and grinding activity. Patients who suffer from bruxism are good candidates for this type dental crown. 

This type of dental crown is made of a translucent porcelain ceramic that mimics the appearance of natural teeth, giving them the most lifelike appearance of any form of dental crown. They are strong and resistant to cavities and cracks, and with proper at-home care and semi-annual dental check-ups, they can last up to 15 years. 

PFM crowns use the beauty of porcelain fused to a solid metal foundation to blend the tough durability of metal crowns with the natural look of porcelain. As a consequence, you’ll have a robust crown that matches the shade of your natural teeth. 

There are dental crowns composed entirely of composite resin material, which is a type of plastic known as acrylic resin that is strengthened with various ceramic components. Because of their economical cost and ability to closely match natural tooth color, composite resin tooth crowns have become a popular choice for cosmetic dentistry. 

dental crowns Concord

Learn More About Dental Crowns in Concord 

At Concord Advanced Dentistry, we employ premium ceramic to design and create high-quality dental crowns that appear exactly like real teeth. Book an appointment with us to know more! 

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