The ABCs of Dental Health: Which Vitamins Do Your Teeth Need?

woman taking vitamins as advised by her dentist in walnut creek

Your dentist in Walnut Creek would agree that what we eat and the vitamins and minerals we get from our food or supplements can make a big difference in our oral health. Some of these vitamins and minerals can even help prevent things like mouth sores, tooth decay, and gum disease. So, let’s take a […]

Foods You Need to Avoid on Christmas

dentist in walnut creek recommends being mindful of your holiday food

It’s better to maintain awareness rather than stress over calorie counts. You have to know that some dishes that appear healthy are quite unhealthy. According to a dentist in Walnut Creek, understanding the components of any food, whether sweet or sour, can help you determine which ones you can indulge in and which you should […]