It’s better to maintain awareness rather than stress over calorie counts. You have to know that some dishes that appear healthy are quite unhealthy. According to a dentist in Walnut Creek, understanding the components of any food, whether sweet or sour, can help you determine which ones you can indulge in and which you should stay away from.  

dentist in walnut creek discourages drinking cocktails because they can cause tooth decay

What to Eat and What Not  

Traditional Meals and Beverages   

What could be more traditional at this time of year than eggnog? Nothing! While you might be tempted to raise a glass of this famous beverage during the holiday season, you should keep in mind that one serving has 300 calories due to the delectable combination of eggs, cream, and sugar. If you add alcohol, each glass will have 450 calories. You can use skim milk and fewer eggs than called for in the recipe to continue the tradition.   

Another holiday favorite is cocktails. These are to be avoided as much as possible due to their high sugar level and alcohol content. Despite having fewer calories than wine and beer, neither is particularly healthy. A great approach to keeping hydrated and preventing over-indulging in these festive drinks is to drink lots of water!   

When Halloween starts, sweet foods are everywhere and are a significant source of temptation. They are delightful whether decorated, filled, or frosted, but they are a horrible enemy of our weight and teeth! Remember that the holidays are primarily about spending time with loved ones, so eat in moderation or share with them!  

Foods That Appear Healthy but Aren’t    

Repeatedly think about that food you’re ingesting. You could find recipes that appear healthful at first glance but are calorie traps. Consider nut mixtures and artichoke or spinach dips as examples.   

Artichokes are incredibly nutritious and rich in essential nutrients, including vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium. But when cream cheese and mayonnaise are added, those advantages are lost. This sort of dip has about 50 calories per spoonful, not counting the cracker or bread that is sometimes served with it. If you must try it, do away with the crackers and mix the artichokes with crisp celery or carrots.   

Meanwhile, nuts are a great source of fiber, protein, healthy fats, and essential elements, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, several B vitamins, and vitamin E. Eat them in moderation as they may contain a lot of salt.   

Appetizers wrapped in pastry and frequently stuffed with meat, cheese, or veggies are a staple at holiday celebrations. Although the surface is typically cooked with butter and trans-fat, the fillings may be healthful. Since they can be highly addicting as well, it is usually best to avoid them entirely.    

Cheese portions are a standard fixture at holiday gatherings, but you should limit your consumption because of their high fat and calorie content. Again, avoid the crackers and mix a little cheese with grapes and vegetables.  

Why People Love to Eat Junk and Unhealthy Food  

Over the holidays, we have several urges to consume junk food. In a study, researchers looked at why people eat junk food and unhealthy foods. Understanding why people engage in unhealthy eating is essential because they are more likely to stick with their behavior when they feel self-determined.  

The Christmas season was chosen for the study because it is sometimes acceptable to eat junk food during this time. While some unhealthy eating urges changed over time, others remained constant.   

People overindulged in unhealthy foods during the holiday season because they believed it was okay since it was a holiday. Also, they wanted to avoid feeling bad and felt pressured by their dining companions.   

dentist in walnut creek recommends avoiding holiday cookies to reduce risk of cavities

Contact a Dentist in Walnut Creek   

After the holiday, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. This way, you’ll know the status of your teeth and gums after indulging in many sweets. 

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